Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alameda Island Poets Reading — January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Poets!

We are beginning the New Year, January 4, 2012 with a very special Featured Reader. Rafael Jesús Gónzalez, professor of literature and creative writing has taught at the University of Oregon, Western State College of Colorado, Central Washington State University, University of Texas, El Paso (as a visiting professor of Philosophy) and at Laney College, Oakland, where he founded the Dept. of Mexican and Latin American Studies. He has also taught in the k-12 elementary and high schools as part of the Poets in the Classroom program. His poetry and articles appear in reviews and anthologies in the U.S., Mexico and abroad. In 1996 he was named "Poet in Residence" at the Oakland Museum. In 2005, he was invited to read his poetry and present a paper at the World Congress of Poets in Tai'an, Province of Shandong, China. In 2006, he was named Universal Ambassador of Peace, Universal Ambassador Peace Circle, Geneva, Switzerland. In 2007 he presented a paper and read his poetry at the 8 Encuentro Literario Internacional aBrace in Montevideo, Uruguay, and in 2008 he read his poetry in Havana, Cuba. In October, 2009 he was honored by the City of Berkeley for his life's work in writing, art, teaching, activism for social justice and peace, and community work. He currently sits on the Latino Advisory Council of the Oakland Museum. His book of moon poems La musa lunática/The Lunatic Muse was published by Pandemonium Press, Berkeley in 2009.

We are very honored to host
Rafael Jesús González
as our first Featured Reader for 2012
January 4

he will be accompanied on the flute by
Gerardo Omar Marín

(musician, ritualist,
Restorative Justice, Environmental, & Food Justice activist)

Featured Reader from 7:00 - 7:35pm

Open Mic until 9:00pm.

Light Refreshments will be served.

Books Inc, 1344 Park St.

Alameda, California 94501

Books Inc is located at 1344 Park St., Alameda, 94501
telephone (510) 522-2226 or (510) 995-8698
Parking is available at the public lot on Oak St. near the intersection of Oak St. and Central St. Also a public lot (free after 6pm) located directly across from the Alameda Theater. Street parking is also available.

Alameda Island Poets
is a multicultural, multigenerational reading series.
All are welcomed and invited to include your voice!

Nanette Bradley Deetz
Coordinator, Reading Series


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas blessings

---------A esto

Se dice que
el fulgor de un lucero
y el cantar de ángeles
anunciaron el nacer
del dios hecho hombre,
del niño nacido
entre animales domésticos.

Sea lo que sea el cuento
de la trágica y gloriosa
trayectoria de su vida,
todo se reduce a esto:
---enseñó a amar.

----© Rafael Jesús González 2011

-------------To This

It is said
that the brightness of a star
& the singing of angels
announced the birth
of the god made man,
the child born
among domestic animals.

Whatever is the story
of the tragic & glorious
trajectory of his life,
it all comes to this:
---he taught to love.

----© Rafael Jesús González 2011


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Capricorn — Winter Solstice

Capricorn — Winter Solstice



La cabra, piel hirsuta,
---cuernos de turquesa,
---ojos de granate,
---pesuñas de plomo,
se arrodilla a Saturno,
planeta de sortijas,
en la noche larga
----y persevera, dura
----en su anhelo de cornear
el punto cardinal de la tierra.

----------© Rafael Jesús González 2011


The goat, hirsute hide,
-----horns of turquoise
-----garnet eyes,
-----hoofs of lead,
kneels to Saturn,
planet of rings,
in the long night
---& perseveres, persists
---in his desire to gore
the cardinal point of the earth.

----------© Rafael Jesús González 2011


Monday, December 12, 2011

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


------Rezo a Tonantzin

---madre de todo
---lo que de ti vive,
es, habita, mora, está;
Madre de todos los dioses
------------------las diosas
madre de todos nosotros,
-------la nube y el mar
-------la arena y el monte
-------el musgo y el árbol
-------el ácaro y la ballena.

Derramando flores
haz de mi manto un recuerdo
que jamás olvidemos que tú eres
único paraíso de nuestro vivir.

Bendita eres,
cuna de la vida, fosa de la muerte,
fuente del deleite, piedra del sufrir.

concédenos, madre, justicia,
--------concédenos, madre, la paz.

---------© Rafael Jesús González 2011

anonymous, Mexico 1746

----Prayer to Tonantzin

-----mother of all
-----that of you lives,
be, dwells, inhabits, is;
Mother of all the gods
---------------the goddesses
Mother of us all,
---------the cloud & the sea
---------the sand & the mountain
---------the moss & the tree
---------the mite & the whale.

Spilling flowers
make of my cloak a reminder
that we never forget that you are
the only paradise of our living.

Blessed are you,
cradle of life, grave of death,
fount of delight, rock of pain.

Grant us, mother, justice,
-------grant us, mother, peace.

--------© Rafael Jesús González 2011

by Robert Lentz


Saturday, December 10, 2011

full moon: Occupying Moon


---------------Luna ocupante

La luna plena
que marca acontecimientos —
el encuentro de un amigo en el parque,
la ocupación de una calle o una plaza
con campamento de carpas brotando
como hongos extraterrestres
de todos colores del arco iris —
ocupa todo —
esquinas y rincones,
atrios y parques.
Con su luz ocupa todo lo que encuentre.

No se le ocurriría
al policía más bárbaro
regarla con gas lacrimógeno.

Sería por demás —
aunque de vez en cuando
se sonroje y se esconda
en la sombra de la tierra
-----------la luna no llora.

----------------© Rafael Jesús González 2011

----------Occupying Moon

The full moon
that marks happenings —
meeting a friend in a park,
the occupation of a street or a plaza
with an encampment of tents sprouting
like extraterrestrial mushrooms
all the colors of the rainbow —
occupies everything —
outer & inner corners, atriums & parks.
With its light it occupies all it finds.

It would never occur
even to the most barbaric police
to spray her with tear gas.

It would be useless —
even though now & again
she may blush & hide
in the shadow of the Earth
--------------the moon does not cry.

-------------© Rafael Jesús González 2011