Friday, July 27, 2018

full moon: if reminding be needed


Hay tanto clamor en el mundo gobernado por crueles payasos que olvidamos la llegada del león con su grujido de sol hasta que le hace eco más suave la luna por su reflejo (aunque en muchas partes de la Tierra enrojecerá y escurecerá.) Nos recuerda, si recuerdo se necesita, que debemos bendecir la vida a la vez que resistimos, nos rebelamos contra el mal que nos rodea.

There is such clamor in the world run by cruel clowns that we forget the coming of Leo with his roar of the sun until it is echoed more softly by the reflection of the moon (even if in many parts of Earth she will redden and darken.) She reminds us, if reminding be needed, that we must bless life even as we resist, rebel against the evil that surrounds us.


Saturday, July 21, 2018





El león, ojos de carnalina,
colmillos, garras de sardónice,
lleva en el pecho corazón de rubí
que guarda el fuego fijo del valor.
-----Anhela devorar al sol
-----y mudarlo en oro
que surgiera por sus venas
como río caliente de luz.

----------------© Rafael Jesús González 2018



 The lion, carnelian eyes,
fangs, claws of sardonyx,
carries in his breast a ruby heart
that holds the steadfast fires of courage.
------It desires to devour the sun
------and turn it into gold
that would run in his veins
like a hot river of light.

----------------© Rafael Jesús González 2018


Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Universal Earth-Justice-Peace Flag


At a Nonviolent Strategy Summit with the Albert Einstein Institution that I attended in May 2016, in discussion of a “Grand Strategy” came up the need of a symbol and sign, flag to identify and unite us and speak to all our diverse demands for protection of the Earth, for justice, for peace. It had to be beautiful, loving, joyful in all its aspects speaking clearly to the heart and the intellect in its denotation and connotation.

The “Universal Earth-Justice-Peace flag” that adorned the podium at the summit was offered as fit symbol for all our struggles for Justice, for Peace, for the well-being of the Earth and whose meaning is immediately clear and goes beyond language, nationality, ethnicity, etc.:

The Earth super-imposed upon the Sun (whose rays are positioned to point to the directions of the compass) which together create life, and the white bird (universal symbol of peace) whose wings span the Earth. The four elements are represented: fire by its source, the sun; water and earth that make up the Earth; and air through which the bird flies. The image shows upon the background of the international rainbow peace flag. The rainbow symbolizes harmony in diversity, inclusivity, and is universally seen as symbol of hope, peace, and good omen.

The Earth-Justice-Peace flag and symbol are protected under a Creative Commons License so that anyone may use it as they like and no one may claim exclusive rights to it. It may be integrated in other designs in murals, paintings, posters, banners, etc.

And it can be graphically played with, modified, interpreted as each person, artist, interprets it and its components: Sun, Earth, white bird, rainbow.

It may be used in buttons and pins, patches, decals, bumper-stickers, etc. Our imaginations are the limit. The Universal Earth-Justice-Peace flag is not meant to supplant others (of nation, institution, organization, etc.) but to go alongside them, for what it represents is not a nation, an organization or a denomination but our values and primary fealty to the Earth and the life she bears.

For ordering the Earth-Justice-Peace flag in various sizes we were pleased with:

Bear Flag Print Co., .

We worked directly with Mr. Sergio Alonso, head of the company, who is gracious and offered the best prices. (The company also offers patches, stickers, etc.) Bear Flag Print Co. offered excellent prices and of course the greater the quantity ordered, the lower is the price per item. We encourage combining orders to get the lower prices.  

Perhaps you reading these words wear the Earth-Justice-Peace pin/button/badge we call the "Healer's Badge."
Referring to them as the "Earth-Justice-Peace button," we obtain them from:


They are prompt and buying them in large quantities considerably lowers the cost. We encourage groups combining orders to buy them in large quantities. These could be gifts at conferences, conventions, workshops. Or sold at demonstrations and other events to raise funds for one’s organization and to disseminate the image. They could be party favors.

Please, if you will, use and integrate the image in your demonstrations, rallies, marches in flags, in banners, in signs. Print it on your notices and programs, show it on your websites and blogs, include it in your e-mails. The revolution that the times demand, that we need for our survival is one of heart and mind, of culture at its roots, and art is one of our major tools with which to shape consciousness and culture. Let us do so with love, beauty, joy.

Rafael Jesús González

For the background history
of the Earth/Justice/Peace flag,
see the article in Somos en escrto 

and the interview by Nina Serrano of KPFA, Berkeley.


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Feast Day of Saint Thomas


Fiesta de Santo Tomás

El patrón de los escépticos
tuvo que comprobar
la profundidad del amor
tocando la herida
en el costado del Amante.
Y así estableció la diferencia
entre la fe y la credulidad,
el creyente y el crédulo,
la Tierra y un pastel en los cielos
que si el camino a la justicia
conduzca al martirio
sea por el amor y la verdad
y no por el temor y la mentira.


-----© Rafael Jesús González 2018

Feast Day of Saint Thomas

The patron of skeptics
had to prove
the depth of love
touching the wound
in the side of the Lover.
& thus established the difference
between faith & credulity,
the believer & the credulous,
the Earth & a pie in the sky
for if the road to justice
leads to martyrdom
let it be for love & truth
& not fear and lies.

-------© Rafael Jesús González 2018