Sunday, June 24, 2012

riverbabble issue 21


2012 by Janet Mack

riverbabble 21

Liz Dolan:
         The El
         The Woman Who Held Her Ground/East Eleventh Street 1985   

George Korolog:
          Tide Pool
          Semantics at the End

Rafael Jesús González:
           Escuchando leer mi verso / Hearing My Verse Read
           Equinoccio de la Esperanza / Equinox of Hope

Richard Peabody:
          Black Rose Day
          The Torturer's Apprentice

Anne Whitehouse:
          The Decisive Moment
          Before Rosh Hashanah

Kristina M. Benedict:    A Dancer's Strength

Jeff Bernstein:   MJ Restaurant

Diana Brodie:    Lily Rose

Mauude Larke:    Cadence

Ken Poyner:   Biography

Anita S. Pulier:   City Birders

Soruadeep Roy:    Where neighbors are not strangers

Sandra Storey:    Postcard From the Taxi

F. S, Symons:   Fumes

Marjorie S. Thomsen:   The Pompeii Olive Eaters

Rimas Uzgiris:   Dating/Divorcing

Phibby Venable:   An Opening in a Small Town

Mishon Wooldridge:   Offering


P. R. O'Leary:   He and She

Albert Ruggiero:   The Yellow Caboose

Jon Sindell:   Rear View

Flash Fiction

Salma Ruth Bratt:   Elizabeth in Rabat

Loukia M. Janavaras:   Dusk on Panepistimiou Street

Doug Mathewson:   Paurl On His Side

David Spicer:   Breaking and Entering


Tony Press:   Play Ball! A Review of The Mighty Roman by Jon Sindell


Janet Mack:    2012


£5 reward, lost, stolen or strayed from his residence 7 Eccles street, missing gent about 40, answering to the name of Bloom, Leopold (Poldy), height 5 ft 9 1/2 inches, full build, olive complexion, may have since grown a beard, when last seen was wearing a black suit. Above sum will be aid for information leading to his discovery.

                                                                    JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, p.598., 17, 2000-2005.

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