Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full moon: I Send You the Full Moon

------Te mando la luna llena

Te mando la luna llena
carta escrita con tinta débil
en papel hecho de lotos blancos
compuesta de recuerdos
----y de esperanzas,
de historias que ya sabes
----y de sueños.
Lo importante que dice
es que te quiero.

Recibe la luna llena
carta que se le perdió el sobre,
que se le ha roto el sello.

------------------© Rafael Jesús González 2012 

- I Send You the Full Moon

I send you the full moon,
letter written with weak ink
on paper made of white lotus,
composed of memories
----& of hopes,
of histories you already know
----& of dreams.
What it says of importance
is that I love you.

Receive the full moon,
letter that has lost its envelope,
whose seal has been broken.

------------------- © Rafael Jesús González 2012


1 comment:

Fire aka Renee Garcia said...

So delighted to stumble on your blog! I am always inspired by your work and will never forget you naming me a writer when it was still something I longed for but did not realize I held in my hands.

For that, there is never thanks enough.