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riverbabble 17 ~ summer 2010


Bandoneon by Evelyn Yu

riverbabble 17 - Summer 2010

Bloomsday Issue


P.J. Blount:

Rafael Jesús González:
El arbolista/The Arbor Artist
Un jardin paradisiaco/A Paradisiacal Garden

Miriam N. Kotzin:
Girl's Song

Christopher Mulrooney:
the banks of the Wabash & Susquehanna
a flock of crows

Armando Rendón:
Scatter Life
Wee Tree

Heather Fowler: The Double Side of Rained on Flowers, for Laura

J.D. Daniels: Pelican Totem

Timothy Gager: Ode to the Wormwood

William Landis: The Voice of the Absolute

Maude Larke: Migration

Ralph Malachowski: Acorns

Doug Mathewson: click-clack

Suzanne Nielsen: Stigmata

John Othello: The Logic of Birds

Gregory Owen Pearse: The Bird Feeder

Sandy Steinman: Late May

Kurt Steinwand: Bird House

Sandy Vrooman: Mocking a Bird

Phibby Venable: Redeeming River

Haibun & Haiku

Paul Lobo Portugés: Sorrowful Months of Unusual Rain

Martin Reed: 6 Haiku

Phibby Venable: Cold River


Gaby Romeri: Gogol Explains the Shoes

Verless Doran: Flowers

Troy Keller: Sturgeon

Denis Taillefer: Back to the Garden

Ted Chiles: Negotiation

Chris Bowen: Physic's Law of Attraction

Flash Fiction

Francine Witte: My Father, Like a Bird

Chella Courington: Toucans & Reindeer

Stephen Williams: Helen's Life


Evelyn Yu: Bandoneon

I love flowers Id love to have the whole place swimming in roses God of heaven theres nothing like nature the wild mountains then the sea and the waves rushing then the beautiful country with the fields of oats and wheat and all kind of things and all the fine cattle going about that would do your heart good to see rivers and lakes and flowers all sorts of shapes and smells and colours springing up even out of the ditches primroses and violets
JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, p. 642-643., 18, 1557-1563

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