Tuesday, June 2, 2015

full moon: Birds in the Hair


---------Pájaros en el pelo

---No puedes evitar que pájaros vuelen sobre tu cabeza
---pero puedes no dejarles hacer nido en tu cabello.

-------------------------------==----------Martín Lutero

Viendo pájaros cruzar la luna llena
recuerdo la advertencia que no debemos
permitirles anidar en el cabello.
Sin embargo soñamos
en que nos llegue alguno.
Pero pasa que cuando un día
por la bondad del dios
uno se nos enmaraña en el cabello
por miedo y susto lo espantamos.
Ese remordimiento y su causa
hace la vida bendición maldita.

-----------------------------------© Rafael Jesús González 2015


-----------Birds in the Hair

------You can't keep the birds from flying over your head,
------but you can prevent them from building a nest in your hair.

------------------------------------------------------Martin Luther

Seeing birds cross the full moon
I recall the warning that we must
not let them nest in our hair.
Nonetheless we dream
of having one come.
But it happens that when one day
through the generosity of the god
one gets entangled in our hair
through fear & fright we scare it away.
That regret & its cause
makes life a cursèd blessing.

----------------------------------© Rafael Jesús González 2015



Dean Snow said...

It is wonderful to see this good man still thriving after all these years. We met as brand new graduate students at the University of Oregon 53 years ago. Now, more than a half century on I've just found an autographed copy of one of his earliest publications on my shelf. We both had dark hair then. I had yet to become fluent in Mexican Spanish. We both went on to fulfilling careers and now at last truly enjoy in retirement the academic lives we thought we were signing up for back in 1962. Perhaps he will find me again as easily as I found him. Que milagro.
Dean Snow

Rafael Jesús González said...

Ah, Dean, what a joy to hear from you. I've often thought of you, especially when I came across your name in articles here and there. I hope we communicate and that our paths cross again. Grande abrazo — Rafael