Friday, June 9, 2017

full moon: Listen to the Moon


Escucha a luna

Sal de tu puerta
y ve la luna, escucha
y trata de entender
lo que te diga;
no dependas de mí;
no soy seguro
de mi traducción.

-----© Rafael Jesús González 2017


Listen to the Moon

Go out your door
& see the moon, listen
& try to understand
what she tells you;
do not depend on me;
I am unsure
of my translation.

-----© Rafael Jesús González 2017


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Marisol Garcia said...

My name is Marisol Garcia. I am the Operations and Product Manager for Atwood Publishing. We have your poem "Si No Hablamos" in Bill Timpson's book "147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability".

We are in the process of publishing the second edition but noticed a difference in wording. I am hoping you will help me in determining the correct wording in your poem so to publish it correctly.

My contact information is