Wednesday, June 18, 2008

riverbabble, 13, Bloom's Day issue, summer 2008


Sofa by Christopher Novak

June 16, Bloom's day, commemorates the day in 1904 when James Joyce and Nora Barnacle went on their first date. Incidentally, June 16, 1904 is also the date Leopold Bloom, the protagonist in Joyce's novel Ulysses, wandered through Dublin. Since 1929, many, many people have celebrated the day with events and festivals. And, since our first year, riverbabble has published a Bloom's day issue in celebration.
This year's issue is honored to have the following writers:

Featured Writer
Sara McAulay:
Baggage (excerpts)

Joseph Guderian:

Charlotte Sáenz:
Sombra, el levantador de lunas
Shadow, the Lifter of Moons

Rafael Jesús González:
Lune du Mal (español, English)
Notes for a Letter Begun in New York
Notas para una carta empezada en Nueva York

Kurt Steinwand:
City, Midnight
The Man Who Never Spoke

Lynn Strongin:
In Hiding
Water Boy

Brenda Simmons:
Primavera Lejos Del Mar

Christopher Barnes:

Sandy Vrooman:
Doña Quixote

Leila Rae, editor

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