Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of the Ox 4707


Tanka for the Year of the Ox

Patiently, the ox
plods toward where the road leads,
hoof by careful hoof,
head low, horns toward the ground,
it counts the pebbles and stones.

-----------© Rafael Jesús González 2009

Tanka para el año del buey

Pacientemente el buey
trajina hacia donde el camino lleve
pesuña por pesuña cautelosa,
cabizbajo, cuernos hacia el suelo,
cuenta las guijas y las piedras.

------------© Rafael Jesús González 2009

Laozi on an Ox
Zhang Lu (1490-1563)

Laozi is said to have composed the Daodejing (Tao Te Ching)
while traveling mounted on an ox

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Nancy said...

Dear Mr. Gonzalez,
Willow Glen Books, San Jose, CA, has a number of your pamphlet poems in stock. We regret to inform you that our store will be closing (after 17 years of bus.) or sold within the coming months. Would it be possible for you to come pick up your pamplets - they may be subject to disposal or donation otherwise.
Thank you, Willow Glen Books

ps. enjoyed finding your blog and reading there - I am an Ox and was born the exact same day as our new president.