Saturday, September 12, 2015

Art in Nature - Nature of Art, Sun. Sept. 20


Xochipilli & Associates
will this year again participate in the

Join us in a Despierta/Awake event

Jardín Papalotl - Butterfly Garden

our theme is la mariposa, the butterfly

to honor the butterfly as a creature & symbol
of life endangered by climate change & MGO foods

as a symbol of the falseness of borders
& human history as one of migration & movement
across continents, of the struggle for immigrant rights

as a symbol of transformation, transcendence, renewal, 
of beauty, of art, of joy, of spirit, of consciousness

 Xochipilli's schedule:

Kinder Garden

11:00 AM on-going:

Xochipilli's Papalotl Garden - Metamorphosis

interactive family art space

on-going art, performances, ritual 

installations by César Barragán & Company

Calpulli Huey Papalotl

danza mechika/Azteca dance-prayer 

Rafael Jesús González, poetry 
with Gerardo Omar Marín, sound

Old Church

3:00 PM

Rafael Jesús González reading
with Gerardo Omar Marín on flute, Xochipilli

Flor y Canto

Please wear the butterfly when you come: in all forms of jewelry, printed on shirts, on badges & pins, of cloth, of paper, of plastic, all materials, all colors & patterns, as wings, face painted in butterfly designs — Your imagination is the limit.


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