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riverbabble 35, summer 2019


Berkeley Marina
by Christopher Novak

riverbabble 35
Summer, Bloomsday Issue

Wayne F. Burke:
           A Better Place

Elizabeth Dolan:
           How to Fix a Second FloorClothes Line
           Great Expectations

Rafael Jesús González:
           Standing Rock / Standing Rock
           Nubes al los límites/Clouds on the threshold

Kathleen McClung:
           The Nine of Doubt: Cento for Michelle Bitting
           Glosa for Those Who Pretend

Anne Whitehouse:
           Smoke and Fog

Glenn Ingersoll:    Eleven Haiku

William Doreski:    Max and Son

Mark A. Fisher:    taco trucks

Peter D. Goodwin:    Winter Sculptures

Grace Marie Grafton:    Muse and I: Trip

John Grey:    Thin Ice

Mathew Harrison:    The Catchment

Majella Haugh:    Traveler

Raluca Ioanid:    Target, I Love You

James Croal Jackson:    That Summer I Still Believed in Everything

Daniela Kantorová:    The Ship

Miriam N. Kotzin:    Fidgets and Fantods

Kathleen Listman:    The Water Clock

Richard Loranger:    Rain

MJ Moore:    Journey

Edward Mycue:    Seven Days in a Week

Carl "Papa" Palmer:    Waiting

Jay Samuels:    Remember

B.L.P. Simmons:    April on Jupiter

Elizabeth Spencer Spragins:    Cloaked

Miranda Sun:    Fox Magic

Denise Utt:    The Caregiver

Rebecca Watts:    Becoming the Lady of the Lake

Yuan Changming:    Sonneting in Infinitives


Anna Bradley:    Minor Intelicity

David Butler:    Looking-glass

Arthur Carey:    Until Death Us Do Part--A Triptych

KJ Hannah Greenberg:    Jase and the Sister of the Two Blue Dragons

Flash Fiction & Prose Poems

Bear Jack Gebhardt:
          Dangerous Books
          Basic Training

William Cass:    Tit for Tat

Jeannette DesBoine:    Merry Xmas--2018--El Paso, Tx

Robin Wyatt Dunn:    We Shouldn't Care

KJ Hannah Greenberg:    Sea Glass

Jim Ross:    Twizzler


Edward Mycue:    The Tapestry I Wove and I Now Sink Back Into

Timo Parfitt:    Grim Reaper Bong

Tom Sheehan:    A Bit of Correspondence Caused by Place

Photo Essay

Jim Ross: Thursday Market: Villefranche-de-Rouergue

Christopher Novak: Berkeley Marina (cover photo)

She crosses the threshold. He hesitates. She turns and, holding out her hands, draws him over. He hops. On the antlered rack of the hall hang a man’s hat and waterproof. Bloom uncovers himself but, seeing them, frowns, then smiles, preoccupied. A door on the return landing is flung open. A man in purple shirt and grey trousers, brownsocked, passes with an ape’s gait, his bald head and goatee beard upheld, hugging a full waterjugjar, his twotailed black braces dangling at heels.

                                                    JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, Circe, 22064-22070.


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